The Bcs Football Championship And Ncaa National Collegiate Athletic Association

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The BCS football championship and the NCAA(national collegiate athletic association) men’s basketball championship had a 41.7 million viewers making tv networks millions. At the same time the student athletes playing suffer from poverty and can’t provide for themselves. Forcing many to have to take money from under the table or illegally.According to Shabazz Napier one of the nations leading basketball player says"I don 't feel student-athletes should get hundreds of thousands of dollars, but like I said, there are hungry nights that I go to bed and I 'm starving," he said Is this acceptable for the NCAA to treat athletes like this while making Billions upon BIllions of dollars.
Eighty six percent of college student athletes are in poverty yet they can’t do anything about it. Despite the NCAA making money off of their skills. With the current NCAA rules they can’t earn any money, but their coaches and managers make millions. Athletes, even with their intense and demanding schedules and inability to earn outside money they still aren’t considered professionals, but they are workers. Yes they are being paid with scholarships but they barely receive that promised education. Even with the amount of athletes there are If the NCAA paid them they wouldn’t lose money and by not paying athletes they lose millions every year.

The student athletes spend on average over 4,000 dollars out of pocket and much more for food and with more than eighty percent of the athletes being…

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