Research Paper On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Shabazz Napier a guard from UConn University, sometimes goes to bed starving due to the fact that he cannot afford to buy food. He is unable to get a job because he spends most of his time on school, and his sport. I believe that college athletes should be paid. College athletes do not have time for a job due to going to school, and focusing on their sport. College athletes go to bed starving because they cannot afford to pay for their food. College athletes do not receive a portion of the money the college makes for having their name on the back of a shirt or anything else. Many people will be able to understand my position when they see why college athletes should be paid for all of their hard work that they put in, and all the time it takes to get there. Even …show more content…
It will lessen the value because there would hardly be a reason to go pro. Getting paid at the college level would be enough. Recruiting wouldn’t exist, and they would not know which athletes to pay. They would not pay all the athletes anyways. They would probably only pay the better, or more talented players. It would be different if they payed the benchwarmers. But you can not just pay some and not the others. Then later most likely high school sports would start demanding getting paid. Like Will Rogers has said, “When should a college athlete turn pro? Not until he has earned all he can in college as an ametuer.” In the NBA the average player gets $5.15 million. College athletes do not need that much at all possibly just $25,000 a year but that may even be too much. Just something to show that they are important to that college; and the college is glad to have them attend that school. In the NBA, LeBron James makes over $19 million a year. And in the NFL, Peyton Manning makes $18 million a year. That’s a ridiculous amount of money. Why is it so ridiculous if student athletes get paid a limited amount of

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