The Battle Of The American Civil War Essay

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During the time of the American Civil War, the new Confederate States of America formed out of the previous Southern states. This new Confederacy formed its mission partially on a religious basis, with the Christian ministers leading the way. The South was a very Christian society, formed by a variety of Southern Protestant churches who often tied themselves with matters of the state, and this stayed at the heart of who the Southerners wanted their new nation to be. When the Civil War started, the Southerners also looked to their religious leaders to help guide them through a difficult time, filled with heavy losses. Also, Christian ministers began to preach about God’s plan for the Civil War, making their battle into more of a Crusade to protect their holy values. By speaking about God’s will in relationship to the Civil War, Southern ministers were able to encourage more support for the Confederacy’s military efforts, motivate Southerners during the war, and help explain the eventual Confederate loss.
Southern ministers often used the idea of God’s will in order to encourage support for the Civil War before it even started. According to the interpretation of Southern ministers, God’s will was that the South would be victorious over the North because they were the morally correct ones. Southern ministers were as supportive towards the war as the politicians of the day, especially in their rhetoric and ability to move their often large congregations to action. The tie…

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