The Australian National Binge Drinking Campaign Essay examples

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1.0 Intervention Setting
The Australian National Binge Drinking Campaign ‘Don’t Turn a Night out into a Nightmare’ was first launched on 21st November 2008. The primary target audience for the campaign is young people aged 15 to 25, with the secondary target being the parents of these young adults. The campaign is an integral aspect of the National Binge Drinking Strategy and is a program that formed partnerships with sporting groups and non-government organisations and are displayed in a variety of environments that have the ability to impact on the culture of binge drinking (Australian Government, 2010). These displays are evident on the campaigns website, public posters in sporting facilities, schools, workplaces, hospitals and other community organisations as well as the video campaign broadcast on television.
2.0 Government Intervention
The Drinking Nightmare initiative is an Australian Government intervention that is run by the Department of Health. This is a beneficial aspect of the campaign as it not only has the complete support and funding from the government, but it is able to be broadcast on a nation-wide platform that is accessible and informative for the majority of Australians.
3.0 Purpose
The main purpose of the National Binge Drinking Campaign is to assist the pre-existing variety of educational initiatives and help reduce the harm that is associated with the over consumption of alcohol by Australian youth (Australian Government, 2010). The campaign was…

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