Alcohol In Tom Brennan

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Alcohol may just seem like a bit of liquid that men and women like to consume, but what people do not realise is it is a drug that can potential kill. People all around the world drink alcohol, some people are light drinkers while others drink heavy amounts. The story of Tom Brennan and my little town films both include drinking as one of the main issues. Most people don’t realise that alcohol can destroy anyone’s life and it can also harm innocent people. Many peoples have had their lives taken away from them just from alcohol being the main reason. People get wasted every day and being drunk can take away your understanding of where you are. It can also cause you to do stupid things like we saw in the short films. Alcohol is more than a drink, …show more content…
Both of these stories had alcohol as the cause of the problem. Alcohol was the main reason both of these accidents happened and if alcohol wasn’t related to these incidents, none of this would have happened. Crashes and incidents happen a lot with people when they are intoxicated, as you see it happen to Brenton and Peter. Brenton thought that he could make a short trip to see a friend but having too much to drink, it was always a very risky act. People need to stop and think about what they’re doing before they do it but that’s the problem being drunk because you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t listen to other people. Before peter threw the rock, his own mate (hat he doesn’t associate with anymore) told him not to throw it but he still did. After this incident occurred Peter knew he did wrong and changed straight away but it’s too late.
Peter had a healthy lifestyle with no problems at all. He had a girlfriend and had a young daughter. In the film “Shattered” it alarms me to hear that when Peter wanted to go out and drink his problems
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To me it sounded like she loved the old ‘Nicole’ more and that she wants the old ‘Nicole’ back. It’s sounded like Nicole’s mother doesn’t like the new ‘Nicole’ and just wants the old one back. I think Nicole should have forgiven Peter as Peter had changed heaps and amazed many people. Peter went around to schools and talked to people who could have easily stopped them from doing any stupid. I personally thought Peter deserved to be forgiven for his actions because he changed for the good and became that better person.
Drinking is a huge problem in Australia and people are binge drinking from the ages of 14. People need to stop and think about what they are doing because they could do serious damage to themselves and even others. As seen in both of the films and the book Tom Brennan, drinking was the main problem which led to two deaths and one seriously injured. A lot of people would take this advice and say it will never happen to them but look at Nicole. She wasn’t doing anything wrong but got hit in the head while in a moving car and almost died. These incidents can happen to anyone even if you haven’t had a drop of

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