Pale Pink Roast And Bobbyloh Analysis

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Since the beginning of time, society has had rigid criteria for men and women with their roles blatantly labeled as either masculine or feminine. The man is suppose to be strong and in charge, while the woman cooks and looks after the children. We are constantly reminded of this through sources such as T.V shows and advertisements. The post modern literary movement has shed light on this phenomenon and stressed the need for flexibility in these clear cut roles. However the process of change is no easy accomplishment, and with this new found flexibility struggle is inevitable. The characters from Grace Paley’s Pale Pink Roast and Bobby Anne Mason’s Shiloh are two such examples of this struggle. The characters of both these works struggle to …show more content…
However the plot turns and Anna gains control further more proving their toxic relationship. After making love to Peter and allowing him to button up her dress, she decides it would be a good time to finally inform him of the fact that she is married. She acts almost shocked at his reaction and uses her vulnerability to lure him back in. When he storms out of her apartment in anger, Anna cries in a last effort “ Wait a minute, Peter. Honest to God, listen to me, I did it for love” (98). By breaking the news to Peter after he helps move her into her apartment and makes love to her, Anna is demonstrating her regain in power. She gets what she wants out of Peter, and still gets to stay happily married to her husband. However after feeling angry and used Peter quickly regains the power again after being told by Anna that she slept with him out of sheer love. The story ends with him fully satisfied and “in full control, he cartwheeled eastward into the source of the night” (99). In any normal relationship one would expect Peter to sleep with Anna and still walk away satisfied despite the unfortunate circumstances. However the switch in power between the two characters regresses from the traditional view that men are suppose to hold all of the power in the

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