The At Penn State And The Dining Commons Essay

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Dear Mr. Richard, Mr. Hopey and other executives of the PSU Dining Commons, Imagine, students trudging back to their dorms in the dead of night, dragging their feet with heavy back packs in tow, creating as much distance as possible between them and the Paterno library, the place they had just spent six hours studying for their exam. Visualize a different scenario, Saturday night, students with smiles on their faces returning around 1-2 am to their dorms, hearts still racing from the excitement of the night. However, what is the next chapter of both these stories? It is this: students go on their laptop and make their way to the familiar site of OrderUp, an online food service, and place an order for greasy, unhealthy pizza or something of the like. This has become a tradition for the students here at Penn State, a building component to the infamous freshman 15. However, they eat this unhealthy food for a reason and that is because there are no other alternatives. Students are unable to access healthier options due to the fact all on-campus options are closed. Dining Halls and other smaller eateries on campus all shut their doors at 12 am, making buying any other food besides sauce-drenched chicken wings challenging. My name is Danielle Haneman and I am a concerned freshman here on campus. I am writing to you in hopes that you will see the importance of this health issue and work with your team to put an end to this problem. Many of my friends and I struggle with this issue…

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