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Table of Contents This research article was taken from the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Journal. This specific issue had a total of ten articles, and while they are covering different topics and studies, some of them do focus on similar ideas. Psychology is all about the study of the mind, and how it has different parts intended for unique functions. It seems like a good portion of the articles for this specific journal deal with emotions and how the body interprets them. One article deals with the stress of different generations, while another deals with an individual’s willpower against sugar. There is an article about self-esteem and how that varies during a lifetime, as well as an article on cooperation. The article that will be specifically discussed in this research paper also has to deal with how the body interprets things when it comes to a stressful situation, such as a crime. It looks at how reliable eyewitness testimony is after traumatic events, specifically in regards to lineups.
Research Hypothesis Summarization
Variables were hard to define as there are so many different aspects to this study. The researchers have control over the lineups, and how they appear, so the lineups could be viewed as the independent variable. The dependent variable would be who the witness chose out of the lineup, based on their reaction to the videos shown.
Two hypotheses were presented in this article. Both of them focus on how unfair lineups…

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