My Future Goals

Tell us about you: I’m currently a senior at Tustin High and have been attending there over the last four years. I have been part of the AVID program for the last four years and have gained many useful skills through the program. I was also part of the STEM program throughout my freshman until junior year and have been able to grow more in knowledge because of it. I was able to learn how to use Solidworks, which is a 3D modeling software program. Not only have I learned many useful skills during school, but also outside of school. I have been doing community service throughout the last 3 years and have gained more than 500 community hours accomplished. Write a paragraph describing your future ambitions for college and/or your career. My future ambitions are to accomplished my masters and continue with my studies after college. I aspire to become a physical therapist to be able help athlete with any injuries or pain they might be feeling. I also seek to be able to give back to my community by going into …show more content…
The AVID program requires that we have good grades and keeps us in track for a 4 year college, it also gives us the help we need through the tutorials we have during our class period so that we can understand the school subject that we are struggling in. The STEM program has also given me many skills by encouraging me to think outside the box to design new things and come up with better ideas. The STEM program has incredibly helped me with my communication skills and has put them to good use. The community activities I have done consist of me helping out with Confirmation, Ushering, Choir, Bible Study, lector, Toy Drive, office aid, and Dino Dash. Here are the description for these community service

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