Essay on The Arts And Visual Arts

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1. Tell us about yourself -- where you live, your major at UMA, your interests outside of work/education, other information about yourself, etc.
Hello, I am Kaitlyn Babin. I live in Starks Maine and am currently a Liberal Arts major but with and Education Pathway through UMPI. I am a theatre geek. The preforming arts and visual arts are a personal passion of mine. Over the summer I worked at an all-girls residential summer camp as the drama counselor. I loved working with the girls and seeing them grow over the summer.

2. What learning are you hoping to accomplish during this course and why do you think achieving these understandings will impact you as a future teacher or professional in another related field?
I want to learn how to make my classroom feel like a safe and comfortable space for all kids to learn. I want to learn ways of teaching that will be supportive to the students in my classes and how to promote acceptance from student’s peers. By learning these skills my class will become a place where kids will want to come and not dread to attend.

3. Have you had experiences interacting with, teaching, or assisting a child or children with special needs, if so, describe an experience that stands out for you (just as a reminder please always use psuedonyms in place of a students actual name)?
If not, describe a particularly challenging experience you 've had interacting with, teaching, or assisting a child or group of children.
As I stated earlier I worked at an…

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