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Before I began this observation assignment for my SPED class I was nervous and a bit skeptical about how everything was going to be, because I have never observed an inclusion class. After my first day of observation I felt more confident about my career choice. In this reflection paper I will talk about the assignment and all the things I found interesting, important, and challenging. I will also talk about how I overcame the challenges, my misconceptions prior to observing, and how this field experience will affect my education environment. The last things I will talk about is how my future behavior will now be affected by what I learned and how this experience helped me better understand my personal and professional goals.
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The first thing I did was email my professors about the school not letting me observe on the days I was supposed to observe. The first day the school had I.D me, and so I just began to wear my old I.D since they “did not have time” to I.D me anymore. I made my own schedule by asking the teachers if anything special was happening the upcoming weeks. Some of the teachers were good with the inclusion children and so I made an effort to try to go to those specific teachers classrooms so I could view those teachers education environment and learn from them. What I learned from those teachers is that I need to be organized and try my best to accommodate to those student’s needs so these students could feel like they’re getting same the education opportunities as the other students. I had a few misconceptions prior to observing this inclusion class, and one was that the students who were gifted and talented or gifted and disabled would not be challenged. The few good teachers I had observed proved my misconceptions wrong. I also thought I was going to see a lot of bullying towards the inclusion students, but all the students seemed to get along just fine. I learned a lot from this experience and I am glad that I have a better idea of what an inclusion classroom is and what to expect when I become a …show more content…
One of the things that I learned is to not treat the inclusion students like they’re different. Another thing that I learned is that the rules are the rules and they apply to all of the students. I will not be impatient and give my students attitude if they are falling behind, and I mention that because I saw a teacher do this to a couple inclusion students and I found it to be unprofessional. When I am a teacher I will try to be as professional as I can, that means I will go to school with the intentions to help students learn no matter the challenge, and I will not bring my personal issues to my classroom. I personally want these students to not fear me, but see me as a mentor and know that if they have any problems that it is okay to ask for help. This experience has shown me the good that can come out of an inclusion classroom. I want students to be excited about coming to school and being in my classroom. This experience has helped me come closer that those goals by giving me more knowledge about an inclusion

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