Should Women Be Allowed On The Front Lines Essay

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There is a lot of argument on the differences between men and women. Some people say that women can do whatever a man can do and other people say that women can not do the same things that men can do. One of these things include whether or not women should be high in the business world such as CEO’s. Another is if women are as good as drivers as men are. Also if women should be allowed to fight on the front lines alongside the members of the opposite sex. Women should not be allowed to fight on the front lines alongside men because they are more emotional than men, their physique is different and less durable than men’s, and they have a harder time navigating. Arguments like this have been around for a long time and will continue to be around for many more years to come. Women should not be allowed on the front lines because they are more emotional than men are. Because of this, women may be more traumatized than men are if they were to see someone such as a child being hurt in the middle of a battle and therefore, they …show more content…
When you can bear more weight, then your body is able to have more pressure put onto it before you experience injury. Being able to bear a large amount of weight is essential to being in the military. You have to carry at least 70 pounds from the gear while overseas during a tour of duty. This extra weight can cause your body temperature to rise higher than normal and can inevitably cause someone to become a heat casualty from suffering from a heat stroke. A severe heat stroke could cause death. It is essential to make sure that everyone is hydrated so they can bear the load of the gear without becoming a heat casualty. Women also have more body fat than men do. Women need about 12% body fat whereas men only need about 3% body fat in order to live. Women need about 4 times greater body fat percentage than

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