Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Gun At Home Essay

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Final Paper The argument on gun control is old but still a hot topic. Some people argue that having a gun may save more lives than taking them while others argue that having guns is the reason we have so many mass-shootings and other gun-related crimes. In the following three articles, each author argues differently: William Bennett argues for the right to keep guns because he believes that it is safer to let people own guns than without guns; Gopnik’s argument is the opposite because he argues that lives of many children and young adults would be saved if there was a more strict law on gun-ownership; and finally,’ stuff lists advantages and disadvantages of having a gun at home because a gun can help a house owner to stop …show more content…
Some of the benefits of owning a gun at home, they state, are for self-defense and scaring criminals and burglars away. They state that, just like anyone, burglars do not like to be faced by a gunned homeowner. However, they contrast, there are some disadvantages of owning a gun at home. One of the major problems with guns, they claim, is that they are being used by accident more often than they are being used for good reasons; in other words, it is more likely to shoot someone innocent by accident than actually shoot a criminal. In addition, they say, it has been found out by researchers that it is more likely a homicide will happen in a house with weapon than a house without weapon. These facts, according to the author, are all scientific studies. It shows that this article takes both sides in consideration, for and against gun control arguments. In conclusion, gun supporters argue that they not only being safe by having a gun with them, but they can save others when there is an active shooter or criminal who will have a gun anyways. On the other hand, people who argue for gun-control argue that if there less gun, there will be less crimes, and if no one but security forces have guns, there will be no gun-related

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