Essay on The Argument For Gun Control Laws

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When I was born in 1999, the President of the United States was Bill Clinton, in an interview in 2012 he said that, “The problem with any ideology is it gives you the answer before you look at the evidence. So you have to mold the evidence to get the answer that you’ve already decided you got to have. It doesn’t work that way …”. I agree with this, not every liberal is an advocate for gun control laws and not every conservative is against abortion. Every member in an ideological group does not share the same exact views on every controversial issue, but they identify with each other because they believe they share similar morals and principles. I was born into a family with opposing and uncertain beliefs, quite a few of my relative refuse to see eye-to-eye on some issues, but agree on others. Hearing my family members argue different sides on multiple topics over the years has forced me to hold an open mind to these political, social, and economic issues. I have always leaned towards the liberal side, I was raised to respect every ones opinion and I believe liberal views are significantly unprejudiced compared to several conservative views. Over the last few years I started reading the news and developing my own views on controversial topics, giving me a deeper insight into how our country interacts with others and how situations arise and resolve, in time.

Family, media, and peers are definitely the biggest influences on teenagers political, economic, and social views.…

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