The Apple Juice Raibons ( 9-4 ) Essay

1100 Words Nov 5th, 2015 null Page
1. the apple juice raibons (9-4): His victory against The Donald will be the ultimate tiebreaker that vaults Nathan’s team to the #1 overall seed. Retribution for placing second in the midseason awards against The Donald. Can only see him losing once more from this point on, as the depth of the squad is as good as anyone has seen in 6 years of La Liga FFB.
2. The Donald (9-4): His dominance against the NICE GUYS shall continue, but he will finally lose a divisional match against his bitter rival Dez. In addition, he will lose his final game against Da Champ, which will also lead to him losing the #1 overall seed to Nathan. Maybe a bit of foreshadowing for The Donald Trump in the future months during his election race…
3. All Day N***a (8-5): The reemergence of Alshon Jeffery has sprung his team into another level, the tweaks that Chip Kelly makes in his offense after the bye week will spark Sam Bradford, but it is the man nicknamed All Day that will be the light that guides this team to 3rd place finish. A win against chiraq’s 3 PETE in Week 12 will be the determinant of the 3rd and 4th place seeding.
4. chiraq 's 3 PETE (7-6): Losses against Nathan and Mezie will be costly, but do not fear, for he already has everyone in the league right where he wants them. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when it is a back-to-back champion. However, one can be quite sure that a heavy head is something that our champion is accustomed to carrying around on him.
5. Team…

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