Jack Laanne Juice Case Study

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Review of Jack LaLanne Juicers

Jack LaLanne's PJEB
Power Juicer Express, Black
For this review of Juicers the Jack Lalanne product was chosen because of its popularity and due to its price point. We think this to be a very good value for your dollar and a good beginning place for the lower priced Juicers. Yes you can purchase lower priced Juicers but we have yet to find one worthy of recommendation. Our personal experience with this machine, and our research, has brought us to the place where we think this to be an exceptional entry level Juicer.

All three Juicers found on this page have the same juicing mechanism and produce the same quality of juice. The difference between them comes in the capacity and in the accessories included versus
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In fact, within a few weeks of juicing seriously with this machine I was able to bring both my blood pressure and cholesterol readings down to non-treatment levels. That was my initial reason for juicing. As a side affect both my wife and I realized our energy level went up considerably, we felt a lot better and we both lost weight. I returned to my high school weight of many years prior. My wife’s allergies were greatly improved and soon disappeared totally. I share all of this to testify of the juice quality. These changes did not happen until after we started drinking juice prepared by the Jack Lalanne …show more content…
stuffing in too much, not waiting for the chute to clear and forcing hard produce to go faster. Sure, mechanical failure will occur but I suspect that will be long delayed when proper care is exercised consistently.

The screen filter is not terrible to clean. I think the best benefit of the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Express model over the other models is that it is quicker to clean. Many people use a plastic bag in the pulp container reducing the need to clean it as only a quick rinse is needed. The strainer is also easy to clean. Simply use a brush and a little soap, rinse and set out to dry - done.

Most Juicers will develope a mineral build up over time unless you clean thoroughly after each juicing - even then it is very difficult to avoid. A sturdy nylon brush will help with this task, just be careful to not use anything that scratches the surfaces of your Juicer. I think the only way to beat this is to buy a fully stainless steel machine $.

THE Key to cleanup, as any who are experienced at juicing will tell you, is to do your cleanup immediately upon finishing your juicing. When done immediately you are done within 3 to 5 minutes. If you wait until after the juice residue is dry you’re into a ½ hour intense scrubbing

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