The Animal On The Farm Essay

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According to the story of Noah’s Ark, when mice and rats bred and infested the whole boat, Noah consulted the lion. The lion sneezed, and out popped two domestic cats, ready to go! While this is most likely not how the domestic cat was created, it goes to show that cats have been around as useful and companion animals for a very long time. Despite my mother’s oh-so-strong argument of “because I said so”, every house should have a cat because they hunt vermin, are easy to care for, and are beneficial to one’s health.

While cats can be our cuddly companions, they are also what some may refer to as “the most important animal on the farm”. This is due to the cat’s adept ability to hunt mice and other vermin, as well as its scent. According to, “Mice cannot stand the smell of cats. That means that very soon after the appearance of the cat your house will be free from mice.” But why are mice such a pain to have around? Why can’t we just live in peace with them? Mice left to live around a farm can propose dangerous and unhealthy situations. They could chew through electrical wires and pose a fire hazard. They could chew through feed bins, feed bags and other containers, where they will eat and contaminate feed. They also defecate everywhere, spreading disease, stinking, and making a mess. Poison and traps work, on occasion. But when a person doesn’t know how to properly use them, they might not work at all. For instance, did you know, that you don’t have to bait a…

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