The American Flag As A Racist Nation Essay

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The United States Flag has been the symbol of the free world and the bastion of democracy for centuries. The flag itself is the national symbol that goes by nicknames such as “the Star Spangled Banner”. The American flag is one of the highly recognizable symbols in the world. This is mainly because of the status of the United States as one of the most influential countries in history. The American flag is important because it signifies the independent government, the history, and beliefs of the American people. Moreover, the flag also represents the various accomplishments of the country as well as the pride of its people.
Despite the prestige and the ideal qualities that the American flag possess, several groups in the country acknowledge that the US flag has represented racism, to even go as far as that the United States of the America itself has long been a racist nation. People argue that for most of its history, racism was a matter of official government policy. Some even believe that it’s a foregone fact that the United States has long stood for racism. The country made it a point to repudiate this racist past, and oppose it through government policies. As citizens and the government clash and fight over the semantics of the American flag, only the government reserve the power to authenticate and manipulate what the American flag signifies.

Guidelines and Objectives
This short paper seeks to address and analyze the semiotic warfare the surrounds the…

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