The Importance Of The Confederate Flag

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One of the top debates in the United State is whether or not the Confederate Flag should be displayed at government buildings. The history, symbols and colors of the flag do not provide an accurate view of how a nation once divided, came together. Government officials, African American and white, feel constant pressure to resolve the debate to remove the flag from government buildings. While supporters of the Confederate Flag may say it is part of history, this flag represents slavery and the harsh past of a divided nation. Confederate Flags should not be hung on government buildings or property. In the late 1800s, America was divided by North and South colonies because of slavery. The North colonies felt that all humans were equal and deserved …show more content…
Government officials feel constant pressure from residents to keep or remove the Confederate Flag from Federal and Government buildings. Webster and Lieb discuss Georgia’s debate on the removal of the flag, “Contentious debates over whether it is appropriate to display the Confederate battle flag in public spaces have been waged across the American South since the late 1980s (Leib et al. 2000), and continue today (Leib 2011; Scharrer 2011). Attitudes about the battle flag have largely divided along racial lines in these debates. Most black citizens view the flag as a symbol of hatred and racism due to its association with attempts to preserve the Antebellum slave system during the American Civil War in the 1860s and its use as a symbol of southern defiance of court ordered desegregation during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. In contrast, many southern whites interpret the battle flag as representative of the honorable struggle by their ancestors in the Civil War, seeing the flag as a proud symbol of heritage” (330). If people have such strong feelings about the display of the flag then it should be removed to save further insults. Many white Americans feel that the flag represents history, while African Americans feel it is an insult. Why should one side be represented and not the other? If this is a nation of equality then everything should be

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