The American Dream Was Built On The Idea Of Self Improvement Essay

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The American dream was built on the idea of self-improvement. It is no wonder that college is such an important aspect of our culture and intellectual upbringing. Because of its high societal merit, colleges have become very competitive. From test scores, to grades, and extra-circulars, students work from a young age to prepare for the academic and social components presented at the collegiate level. I have prepared the majority of my adolescent life for the prospects of college, but even before I entered the high school arena, I had valuable life experiences that prepared me to be an asset at your college. From my experience in Hawaii to my long list of extra-circulars, I am prepared both academically and socially for any college experience.
When I was eight years old my family moved to a tiny apartment at a small university on the Hawaiian Islands. Initially, I worried that leaving my friends, my school, and my home would be a shock to my system. I discovered, however, that the melting pot of cultures and history found in this new place would ignite my curiosity and fuel my desire to experience the world around me. I found myself immersed in the ideas, languages, and beliefs of people from all over the world. One of my playmates taught me that Korean children are considered to be 1 year old at the time of birth. Interestingly, though we were born in the same month, she was always one year older than me. She seldom let me forget it. In the next building lived a Hawaiian…

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