The Alarm Clock On My Bedside Table Roared Essay

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The alarm clock on my bedside table roared as the numbers on the small screen changed from 5:29 to 5:30. Although the sun had yet to rise, I quickly sprung out of bed to silence the clock’s shrill beeping. My eyes felt heavy, but I knew I had to shake off my weariness. Nothing was going to get in the way, not even sleep deprivation, of me being ready for this day. It was August 28th, the first day of my junior year, and I was going to be attending a new school. After I threw on my school uniform, which I had so carefully ironed and hung up the night before, and ran a brush through my unruly head of hair, I rushed downstairs to prepare a proper breakfast to enjoy on my way to school. Once in the kitchen, reality hit as I glanced at the clock and decided a granola bar would have to do. “Bye Louie! Have a wonderful day” I shouted to my small, black dog that had just awoken. I grabbed my backpack and keys as I rushed outside to my car. It was only August, but the air was already crisp. Jack, my seventh-grade brother who I agreed to drive to school this year, was waiting for me in my car. “Are you seriously going to make me late on my first day of school! Hurry up!” he whined as I jumped into the car and clicked my seat buckle across my lap. “Jack! I’ll drop you off on time, just stop complaining!” I replied.
“Are you excited to go to a new school?” he asked as I pulled out of my driveway.
“I guess, I mean I’ve been in the same public school district since…

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