The Advertising Of Coca Cola Essay

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The Advertising of Coca-Cola
The original Coca-Cola soda started out in 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton who was an Atlanta pharmacist, Pemberton, made syrup and took it to his local pharmacy named Jacob’s Pharmacy where Jacob and Pemberton later mixed the syrup with some carbonated water, after the syrup was mixed Pemberton then got it tested by some people in his neighborhood and they loved it, it was later marked as “excellence”. The Pharmacy began to sell it inside and started to make money off it, it went for five cents a glass. Pemberton had a partner named Mr. Frank Robinson who is known today for giving Coca-Cola its name along with designing of the Coca-Cola image and its unique signature that is still being used today. In the first year Pemberton was selling just nine glasses of Coca-Cola a day, which was only bringing in about forty dollars into the Pharmacy. Now, a century later Coca-Cola, makes millions gallons of syrup to be sold.
As Pemberton’s business started to blow up a prohibition was passed in Georgia, French Wine Coca was illegal which an ingredient in Coca- Cola was. Pemberton didn’t let this set him back he quickly replaced the wine in the formula with a sugar syrup. After that, Coca-Cola was labeled as a worldwide intellectual drink among well-off whites. But when Coca-Cola started selling bottles of it in 1899, oppositions who couldn 't get access to the segregated soda fountains suddenly had access to it these bottles. Anyone with a nickel could access…

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