The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Social Media, Traditional, And Electronic Communication

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Register to read the introduction… Finding the right laws and rights is what needs to happen to make

sure the company is not in violation of that patient. Finding the best way to communicate with

each patient and their family is most important when it comes to getting the message across

professionally without seeming to disregard their personal concerns.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using social media, traditional, and electronic

communication .Traditional, the oldest of the three some of the many advantages that tradition

communication has is that you are person with the person you are communicating with, which is

better because you are getting an immediate reply to whatever it is that you are trying to get.

There’s a feeling of community because you’re better able to socialize and interact with one

another. We quickly build a bond that sets the foundation for trust and ultimately, lasting

business relationships.

There are so many different issues that have to be considered when communicating with

patients and their family members, in this scenario most likely there will need to be
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“Forcing information on people when they

are too distraught to understand it or accept it (over informing) may only heighten their stress.

Philip Muskin(1998) calls this “truth dumping” and warns people against it. Health-related Information can be confusing and frightening.” It is best to not provide unnecessary information

to the patients and family members, just enough for them to understand completely.

(Communication About Health Pg. 196)

Being and Administrator means being able to communicate effectively with your patients no

matter their mental and health condition and being able to communicate with their family

members too. It is important to not “over-do” anything when communicating because it could

cause a reaction you don’t want to deal with. There are different ways of communicating

messages and different tones and as an Administrator in this particular scenario it is important to

know what tone of communication to use when letting the patients and their family members

know what is going on. It is a good idea to know where the patient will be transferred to and

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