Diverse Effect Of Hydrogen Fuel On The Environment

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Hydrogen fuel cell cars

1. What is hydrogen fuel ?
2. The advantage and disadvantage of hydrogen fuel cell.
3. How economical is hydrogen fuel ?
4. What health factor does hydrogen fuel on the population.
5. Does hydrogen fuel adverse effect on the environment.?

What is hydrogen fuel ?

Hydrogen fuel is very common and abundant element in our universe , hydrogen is also a promising source of "clean" fuel on earth. It is very simple and a matter of fact the simplest of all the atoms. It name after the Greek words hydro for "water" and genes for "forming," . It composed of one proton and one electron H2 (Jeremy R. Feb. 2003). The world
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So therefore, hydrogen fuel is the way to go the fuel is very easy to produce . It involves the reaction of fuel with limited supply of oxygen to produce a hydrogen mixture (Jeremy R feburary 2003).
While hydrogen fuel is made with coal it can be made by other methods such as philosopher stone and natural gas. Hydrogen can also be extracted from biomass such as woodchips and agriculture waste .

The advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cell
First, let us take a look at the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen is easy actress because it is readily available .Hydrogen is the basic element on earth so there for, we can find it anywhere not like oil which is found thousands of feet under the earth .And that for example, is man power and machine powder.

Hydrogen is very harmful emission, when it burn it does not emit harmful substances like our fossil fuels. Let's take a look at England and California. with all their smog which destroys our air quality and our lungs.

Hydrogen is environmentally safe because it is non toxic. Fossil fuel has cost us our ozone layer but hydrogen will cost us less to generate. A a group of the scientist at the map said, it is a key technology power for both cars and household
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As I mansion before you can find it anywhere in the universe. There is no off shore drilling which will poison our fishes and destroying our natural environment. The very air we breathe has hydrogen so therefore, our world need renewable fuel to stop global warming. Wind power and solar powder are type of hydrogen fuel.
The advantages of hydrogen sound great but let us take a look at the disadvantages of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel can be expensive and for a very good reason for that it takes time to separate the element each from other. But as new technology develop that process will become much easier like every other thing. For examples, goes before oil was developed it was very expensive but as time goes by we builded new ways to extract the black goal from under the ground .

Another big disadvantage of the hydrogen fuel it is difficult to store . Since the fuel is highly flammable it will take time and effort to move around. According to green garage oil can be sent through pipeline and coals can be carried around by truck and trains but hydrogen will need more expensive transportation ways (Echo friendly

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