The Benefits Of Hydraulic Fracking In The Oil Industry

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Hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a technique used to obtain natural resources. Fracking is popular technique in the oil industry because of the rate at which it obtains these resources. Fracking is benefiting the United States in several ways. Despite the benefits, fracking has not received full support from the population. Environmental activists have hindered the use of fracking. Hydraulic fracturing should be more widely used. Originally, fracking was the process of placing gunpowder down a vertical shaft and the generated explosion would create cracks in the shale. The natural gas inside the shale would be released and collected above. Fracking began in the late 1800s and the use of gunpowder remained for decades. Gunpowder was abandoned after more efficient methods were discovered. By the 1950s, water, sand, or other materials were injected into the shale formations to open them. With this advancement in hydraulic fracturing, increase benefits and new problems arose. (2) The benefits greatly helped consumers and helped the economy. Fracking rigs are being assembled in places where shale …show more content…
(2)Gas prices are directly influenced by oil. Demand and cost for oil are two factors which corresponds with gas prices. With higher cost and demand, the gas prices increase. (3) Hydraulic fracturing has boosted American oil production and has produced enough oil to set recorded low gas prices. The low gas prices has reduce the amount consumers pay to fuel their car. (4)“...and now Americans are saving an average $108 per month at the pump” (Isakower 2). (5)Consumers save a hundred dollars every month when fueling their car. In other words, an estimated six billion dollars are saved by Americans together. Billions of dollars are saved by fracking and even more can be saved. However, if fracking is abolished, gas price will begin to rise. Hydraulic fracturing has helped consumers and thus should be more

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