The 5th Wave Movie Analysis

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I got the chance to watch The 5th Wave early from Penguin Teen Australia and Dymocks.
First I want to say that I have not read the books. So I went into the movie blind - I knew things that happened because I did a little research but other than that I didn’t know all too much.
I liked The 5th Wave. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate. It was a pretty okay movie. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I think I wanted more. It rather lacked and I was just waiting for something to really happen and it didn’t really happen until the last 15 minutes or so of the movie.
The 5th Wave directed by J Blakeson adapted from Rick Yancey’s novel The 5th Wave, with screen adaptation by Akiva Goldsman, Susannah Grant, and Jeff Pinkner.
The movie follows
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Overtime it was started to get annoying, when they could have gone back a few steps.
The acting was pretty okay. When working with younger cast members it’s really hard to get it perfect. But I thought that all the side characters were done really well. Zackary Arthur was a cute little Sammy. While Moretz highlighted her sheer determination as Cassie to get back her little brother back.
However let’s talk about the bear. Sammy’s little bear. It is going to get Cassie killed. I don’t know why she doesn’t keep it in her backpack or strapped around her or something. Why was she carrying it a lot of the time? Put it in your backpack and you won’t drop it.
The romance – oh the cheese. The romance was cheesy it was making me cringe so much. It wasn’t even the chemistry between Moretz and Roe. It was the lines and the looks – I just wanted to turn away. Hopefully in the next movie, they get rid of the cheese.
I did like humour though. It might not have meant to be funny, but there were scenes that you couldn’t help, but laugh at. It was those really teenager scenes. Where everything is awkward and weird but it felt like it was like real

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