Walk The Line Critique

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Walk the line is a musical that besides being based on a true story, it’s true emphasis is telling the love story between two people; Johnny Cash and June Carter. Having to watch it again for this assignment was actually very fun it did not seem something I had to do. I really enjoyed it even though I have already watched it many times. Throughout this essay review I will be discussing the movies merits as well as its faults. I will be utilizing other reviews to support my opinions and beliefs about this movie. I will also be discussing other aspects of the movie such as the characters relationship to music, and my opinion of the music in the movie. “There's a warm and generous richness to this biopic of country singing legend Johnny Cash; you'd need a heart of stone not to love it, and toes of stone not to tap along to the music's driving force,”(The Guardian). The movie “Walk the Line” directed by James Mangold is a movie based on a true story. This movie mainly wants to tell the love story between the two main characters June Carter and Johnny Cash and the life of Johnny Cash as well. This movies biggest merit in my opinion is the music. The music makes the movie happy, giving it an exciting and positive feeling apart for some parts of the movie. The movie’s music is one of the key things that got the audience's attention. “Johnny …show more content…
Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job with this role. The movie had its merits and its faults as every movie does. The biggest merit being the music and the faults being the uncomfortable situations. Even though there were times in the movie that were not very please I still enjoy it very much because the music makes you forget about those bad times. Music is a very important aspect of this movie, it is what brings it together and makes it what it is; a fantastic

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