Texting And Technology Essay

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Once again I find myself talking about the relationships with humans and technology, only this time it comes down in depth upon three particular forms of communication. Email, texting and social media seem to be the top form of contacting people in todays era. You never really realize how constantly you use these three forms of communication until you are handed an essay topic like this to talk about it. I, myself use these three forms of communication more often then actually calling someone, and even for some people this is sadly their only form a communication and how they base their news from. I am not against these tech relationships but I am not that fond of them at the same time, as you read in previous essays I am not huge on technology …show more content…
Good bye battery. The day my parents first sent me a text I knew that this form of communication was lit, and couldn’t be put out. Texting has taken over the formal communication of calling a person over the phone in which calling took over the person to person conversation, without the need to drive over to their house. Texting has lend to conducting relationships through making it easier to communicate with a wider view of people. It hides your face making texting one of the easiest forms of communication and also one of the more dangerous forms by hiding behind your phone. Although texting isn’t the worst on the list for that particular area and we will get to that soon. Texting has all kinds of ways to communicate such as the use through romantic relationships. Back in the day you asked a girl out in person using props or dinner as an attribute, now-a-days a simple “Wanna be my Girl” is all you need, maybe including a notorious emoji, sad I know, but that’s just how texting has evolved into a primary form of communication. I strongly believe that texting is a huge part in society and that it is some what important through the use of communication by keeping in touch with family members and friends. Not so much business affiliated, but can be in part of it depending on what kind of job you

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