Texas Roadhouse Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… When asked why employees need more than money to be motivated such as showing thanks and praise Bob Nelson, author of the bestseller “1001 Ways To Reward Employees” in an interview with Kate Fillion (2007) said that people leave jobs because they don't feel recognized, and that “if the experience employees have” make them not feel valued “there's nothing to stay for.” True enough. You may know of more than one person who left a higher paying job, to go work under a better manager who brought to bear the importance of making him or her feeling cared for and appreciated. The only reason why Texas Roadhouse management practice of giving a monetary reward to employees is working is because that is not all CEO Hart is doing. Texas Roadhouse is not simply throwing money at its employees. There is the creation of an entirely fresh, and caring sense of management that touches the hearts of everyone involved while stimulating new ideas and treating people as if they were actually human beings. Imagine that? Also a worthwhile mention here is Texas Roadhouse CEO Hart's attitude on giving …show more content…
The reason why you know this to be true is reading the Mission Statement of many firms may support the idea verbally, but actual practice is another things. Getting an awesome theory to join with daily practice is part of the trick of good management. Obviously CEO Hart of Texas Roadhouse has mastered this to a great degree. The proof is in the evidence. Beyond the rewards of large competitive cash prizes between $500 and $20,000 being given as incentives, the entire attitude and efforts of management demonstrated recruiter turnover to have

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