Participation Backwards

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What does an award mean to a person? An award could mean a person was successful; such as, moving to the next step in a career. A reward could also mean recognition for a simple action given; such as, showing up to class. These rewards for showing up to class, one may feel that these are participation trophies. While participation trophies may boost a child's self-esteem, children grow up believing goals in life are easy to come by and no matter how hard they try, they still receive credit; which in turn leads to failure.
Trophies were once used for special occasions such as winning a major game. This is a time where a child knew that if they did not work hard enough, they would not attain the ability to receive the medal. Today, trophies are given at a different expense: participation. When one looks up the definition of trophy they will receive the idea that trophy is an award that is given
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In a child’s mind, they are getting used to this act and expect it in everyday actions. Not only does this effect a child’s way of performing hard work, but it also makes the child believe that everything in life will be given to them when they want something. As an adult one may feel that when one person receives a pay raise they too deserve a pay raise. Although; at times this could be true, but when one only shows up for work two days a week and puts in a quarter of the effort, why should they have the opportunity to receive a raise? This is the effect given by the awards for showing up or contributing. One feels that they do not have to work as hard as everyone else to receive credit. Ashley Merryman says “Po Bronson and I have spent years reporting on the effects of praise and rewards on kids. The science is clear. Awards might be powerful motivators, but nonstop recognition does not inspire children to succeed. Instead, it can cause them to underachieve”

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