Essay about Testing And Its Effect On Health And Physical Condition

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Every person in every community practically relies on the use of a variety of products to carry out their everyday lives and even survive on a daily basis. Many of these products obviously affect our health and physical condition in many ways but, requiring the testing of the product first ensures it functions properly before selling it to the public. This reasoning not only makes sure the product works, but also proves it as safe and non-threatening to human health. Fortunately, an alternative to testing it on humans exists, but still endangers the lives of other living things. Animals end up as substitutes for humans and this has become some sort of tradition for many years now even when no longer necessary. Using these animals for testing forces them to risk their wellbeing and even lives just to test out the effects of products. Plenty of reasons exist as to why animals do not deserve to end up as test subjects and why the benefits of doing so, does not result in such a positive outcome. Unless the purpose of testing seeks to find the effects on animals themselves, animal testing should be forbidden in the creation and development of products for human use and consumption.
Different applications of animal testing stand as well as a diversity of supporting views on why it may seem necessary. However, in many locations around the world animal testing got banned, but it seems that the most common places where its use prevails lies within developed countries, the countries…

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