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Strategic Analysis Report Guidelines Applied Strategy Inc. – Fall 2011 Company: Tesla Motors, Inc. (Tesla)
Overall Objective: To analyze Tesla’s current operations and provide strategic recommendations to the board of directors of Tesla in order to answer how to protect and strengthen a current competitive advantage, or to create a new competitive advantage and then protect and strengthen it. The recommendations should be creative, should leverage Tesla’s current strengths and/or address Tesla’s biggest weakness, and should be supported with sound financial analysis and justification. Refer to the financial analysis provided by Paul Gregg, ASI’s CFO, and use this as your financial model for all analysis and projections. Introduction (up
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Your analysis of how Tesla makes money should be as insightful as possible, and easily recognized by the board. The best analysis will consider Tesla’s net income over a historical time period, not just a snapshot of one revenue period. Further, the analysis will consider the environmental dynamics that Tesla has operated in during the history of the company. This insight will be helpful when you evaluate your recommendations for the board. Part 2 (2-3 pages) Analysis Perform an analysis for Tesla using the strategic tools that have been covered in this course. Intuitively, information provided in this section should be related to the analysis of Tesla in consideration of Porter’s Five Forces model. It is therefore essential that you use analysis tools such as Hall’s Model, the Value Chain, Porter’s 1

five forces, VRIO, and Key Success Factors as needed to complete your analysis. These tools provide essential insight into completing a SWOT analysis-therefore the best analysis will be based on the appropriate components of each tool to complete the internal and external analysis. Said another way, it is not required that you use all of the tools noted above, but you should carefully consider which tool to use. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors for Tesla, while opportunities and threats refer to the external environment. After preparing this section you should understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

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