Tension Between Artificial Intelligence And Human Power

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“There are some things in life that aren 't meant to be controlled, and there are some things in life that simply cannot be controlled because it 's impossible to control what is irrepressible. You 're only human, and humans are not supernatural” (http://www.searchquotes.com/search/Human_And_Computers/). This quote has constantly managed to always come up with idea of “control”. The definition of “control” is the ability to have power over a person, place or thing. In the little century of living, scientists have managed to create someone worth wild, computers. These devices have been equipped to receive and interpret data to complete the mission. On a global scale of higher development, this has caused heated debates about which is higher in intelligence between computers and humans. Scientist have only scratched the surface when it comes to this heated debate of superiority but soon we find out. The tension between artificial intelligence and the human mind has cause scientist all over the globe to critically think of who’s more dominant. To begin with this, we must realize that mental power is key to all things knowledgeable. Since the development of the first generation, artificial intelligence has grown exponentially, as oppose to human intelligence which has grown slowly over a period of time. “A digital computer is a device that manipulates formal …show more content…
The answer to this is still being debated but as technology advance so does the human brain. Only time will tell who has full “control” of the playing field. The quote talks about control and how humans are not supernatural… could a human be a human or could it be artificial intelligence made into human form? Could this be the start of a terminator filled future or is this just an exaggerated part of one’s own brain? Think About

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