Essay on All The Troubles Of The World By Isaac Asimov

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Every day people witness the horrors and atrocities in society caused by differing human ideologies, but what would it be like in a world where a computer could solve all of the humanity’s problems? The short story, “All the Troubles of the World,” by Isaac Asimov is a story about the super computer, Multivac and its desires to die because it can no longer stand carrying the weight of society’s problems. In the story, the author effectively expresses the theme of the story which is that no being is superior enough to solve all of the world’s problems through the use of literary devices such as setting, narration, and characterization .
An additional eminent literacy device Asimov uses is the description of the setting of the story. The setting is often used lay the foundation of the mood of the story. The story is set in the future in Washington DC. This setting, in particular is used to create a fictional utopian world where Multivac is illustrated as the most powerful force on Earth. At the beginning of story we see Asimov create a serious mood. For instance, the swearing ceremony is described as a very organized ceremony showing that the society is very meticulous and serious (Asimov 268). However, the readers witness a change in mood through the means of the setting towards the end of the story. As the mood changes we see Multivac beginning to lose the status of being powerful enough to solve every problem. Asimov uses a mood created through setting to express a…

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