Tennessee 's Statues Regulate Health Care Professionals Essay

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The information in this paper will discuss Tennessee’s statues that regulate health care professionals, including licensure, credentialing, certification, and registration requirements. The areas of potential criminal liability relating to those procedures and professional misconduct addressed in detail. There are several statues in the state of Tennessee that regulate health care professional and the way they conduct themselves and how they treat their patients.
Licensing process The licensure process in the state of Tennessee requires that all physicians must conduct a background check using the state abuse registry, state sex offenders registry, and the abuse registries for all states the prospective physician has lived in past seven years in accordance to the Public Chapter 1084 (TN Department of Health, 20015). These background checks are required for all individuals that will provide direct patient care and have to be done before one is hired. Licensure process for physician, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals is applicant must obtain a licensure application from the Board Administrative Office. The questions on the application must answer truthfully and completely and any requested documentation or information should be submitted along with application. There are also fees associated with the licensing application that is broken down by the application fee of $410 and Background check fee of $60 totaling $450.00. The application process…

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