Pharmacy Personal Statement

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Pharmacy is a branch of health-care system which deals with the medicines, its dosage, drug delivery system, its effects on human body, and drug interactions. Pharmacy is a combination of chemical science and health science which ensures the effective and safe use of the medications. Since my childhood, my curiosity was developed in the field of medicinal science, which developed a keen interest to know mechanism of drugs on human body. During the course of my previous education, I was introduced to learn human anatomy and physiology which made me more zealous and enthusiastic to study in-depth about the medicinal field and decided to pursue my rest of the career in the pharmacy field. Moreover, pharmacy is the field which provides opportunity to serve for humanity through effective patient care and treatment.
Being philanthropic, I adore to help people with my best skills of patient care and treatment to cure their health-care problems or disease condition. Pharmacist is the health-care provider in any neighborhood where the drug expert directly communicates with the people and
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Consequently, my pharmacy journey turned into international pharmacy journey. Still more challenges are on the way to prove my passion and adoration to pharmacy in USA as well. However, I proved myself at each and every stage. I enjoyed Health-care MBA study where I learned United States ' health-care system, managerial skills, health-care regulatory requirements and guidelines. After successfully completing the program with 3.74 cumulative GPA out of 4.00, I was influenced with the amazing health-care system in USA and the role of pharmacists to improve the quality life of the people. I feel blessed when I decided to join the doctor of pharmacy program where I can completely satisfy my thirst by devoting myself to help people by improving their quality and safety of

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