Television : An Important Tool That Can Be Found Essay

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A Television is an important tool that can be found in almost all American households. Many people use TV’s for various reasons, but most enjoy watching something that will draw them away from their everyday life for a couple of hours. With technology drastically changing over time, it is easier for a person to gain access to their favorite TV shows. Viewers have the ability to watch their shows on any piece of technology at any given time, ranging from a computer to a Netflix app on a phone. Therefore, whenever a viewer needs a rush of entertainment they resort to their preferred viewing devices.
There are a number of TV genres that one can choose from. A television provides viewers with news, documentaries, sports, talk shows, etc. However, most people enjoy the thrill found in drama TV. Humans are emotional beings, meaning they crave for involvement. Most people enjoy escaping their bland lives and filling their minds with something more exciting. The TV series Gossip Girl allows viewer’s to live vicariously through the drama in the presented luxurious lifestyle. In this essay, there will be a clear explanation provided as to why Gossip Girl is the greatest TV drama series. The storyline and the secrets hidden in luxurious “perfect” lifestyles is what make this series stand out.
Gossip Girl Basics The creators of Gossip Girl (book series) was originally planned to be a film, starring Lindsay Lohan. The project lacked motivation, meaning it never started up. After Josh…

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