Teenagers Are Young And Energized Essay

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Teenagers don’t know how to balance the time of technology, they waste their beautiful moments. Most teenagers are lack of self-control so that technology takes in charge of teenagers’ time. Turkle comments, “Most of all, we need to remember – in between texts and e-mails and Facebook posts – to listen to one another, even to the boring bits, because it is often in unedited moments...” (par.25). She wants to emphasize teenagers are “in unedited moments”, those moments have a great value. But the moments only come once and it cannot come back again. Teenagers are young and energized. They should spend their time to do some meaningful things instead of focusing on technology. Meanwhile, Turkle also points out, “Now they often walk with their heads down, typing. Even when they are with friends, partners, children, everyone is on their own devices” (par. 26). She implies, this is how teenagers use to be with the devices nowadays. They are addicted to their own devices in every moment. They don’t know how to organize their time even they are with friends, parents, and children. They pay more attention to the devices, but less of enjoying with people who next to them. They also miss so many wonderful things and so much time. They should spend more time for things which are around them. In these two quotes, Turkle hopes teenagers can have a good time management of technology and spend more time to discover new things in their lives.
Using the technology obsessively effects badly to…

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