Teenagers And Fashion Essay On Fashion Before And Today

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I. Introduction

A. A teenagers outlook on fashion

We live in a generation wherein everything is fast and easily enhancing. At first we invent and create something, the next thing you know just after 2 or 3 years, they’re already enhanced and the appearance had been changed. This is more likely close to fashion; it changes its style eventually. It is diverse and flexible and it does not go with the standards. Although some come back after sometime but it never stops there.
Majority of teens nowadays tend to go with trend and some set their fashion statements. Celebrities and other well-known people in our society today give a big factor in the change of the outlook on fashion of teenagers today. Some even copy their idols and create duplicates
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Always remember that the clothes you wear will never define you as a person. You define yourself through your actions and the way you treat others. Likewise, never judge how people dress our style themselves.

B. A Comparison of how teenagers dress before and now
Teens in today’s generation dress and have a different taste of fashion compared to that of the teenagers 10, 20, or 30 years ago. In terms of style, we have a more “revealing” kind of look but in terms of comfort we have much of that. Teenagers before dress to what their hearts desire to wear, but now we tend to go with the trend and not have originality.
In cases like this, the teenagers now copy the fashion style of teens before. But, the style before was much more sophisticated and elegant compared to the modern style and fashion now. If we were to rate and choose our favourite kind of fashion, we would pick the fashion years ago. Today’s fashion may be strong and gives meaning to every which way but the sense of visual presentation gives a less impact of that to the people. This is because many critic the way other people dress today, before it was the complete opposite

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Brands they prefer
The brands that the teenagers prefer are usually those who have the styles that blend with the trend. Teenagers nowadays, choose their dress or clothing wisely because for them, it’s not just the style of the clothing that’s important but also its brand. So they prefer famous brands than the ordinary ones.
We decided to put in our survey the brands that we think the teenagers nowadays prefer the most. Our choices were Human, Oxygen, YSL, Forever 21, Bench, Penshoppe, Mango, Wrangler and Chanel. We chose these set of brands, for we know that these brands are those that teenagers love to buy and wear.
According to the survey that we conducted the two leading brands are Penshoppe and Bench. Yes, I agree with them because of the fact that Penshoppe and Bench are type of brands that really have the taste for fashion. The clothes they sell are those that really stay or fit on with what is latest or trending and they also have an affordable price. We should be proud that much of the population of teenagers in our country today wear local brands such as Penshoppe and Bench.


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