Technology : The Distraction Of Technology Essay

1377 Words Feb 11th, 2016 6 Pages
THE DISTRACTION OF TECHNOLOGY Students today spend most of their time using technology without realizing the effect of the issue. Technology is like a drug its addicting students use technology during school and afterschool. Some students use their phones to search up ideas or answers for their homework or other students would rather go on social media. Technology is effecting students grades and their education and there is many different ways to learn about it is the 21st century. Also the internet disconnects you from human contact. Students need to stop using technology for the bad use the internet can help you to succeed in your education. There is too many electronics around in the 21st century. In the 21st century technology is a distraction everywhere is kids with phones using the internet. Technology is making kids fail that it’s so addicting kids would go home and not do their homework because they want to use their electronics and play video games they would go to social media in their laptops instead. Technology is addicting kids would use it in the night until one to three in the morning. Students constantly checking on their phones for messages or what new in social media. Students get their phone taken away in classrooms while the teacher is teaching and they…

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