Amy Goldwasser What's The Matter With Kids Today Analysis

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Kai Hannum
Instructor Tillema
ENC 1011
22 November, 2017
A5 Research Paper
Technology over Each of the Generations
Technology is the greatest creation man has ever made, is it becoming a bad or good thing though? That's the question of the like past century. Technology has interchanged and advanced the way we live and has revolutionized us in the past. A lot of the older generations blame technology for a decline in kid's willingness to do things themselves and also be so caught up in it and for bad grades. Amy Goldwasser's Article "What's the matter with kids today?" Argues that the internet has positively affected kids and according to the older generation it's the reason in decline for kids' reading literature. She gives examples on how
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Kid's now a days grow up with technology making them more accepting of change and they use it to their advantage. Technology has provided us with so much to internet to new equipment for space exploration and even ocean exploration and it makes our lives easier being able to calculate things more accurately and making the answers to anything available to everyone. Technology has come so far and it gave us internet which is more than just a means of getting answers and amusement, it's also a way of communication for everyone. You can talk to people from the other side of the world and people will be like "that's what a phone is for" and a phone is technology it was only brought into this world through the discovery and improvement of technology. I use technology for lots of things that I do almost every day like school, work, and games, and even just for fun. Technology has even been getting put into school more having classes specifically all about it, classes like my Composition class in college she makes us turns things in through technology. Most of my classes make me do the same thing though, internet has made it possible to see plagiarism and catch the people doing it which is why most of the English classes make you turn essays or pieces of work through it because it will tell them the exact percentage of plagiarism. They also use it for grading because according to some of them it's easier to grade and make corrections on there than it is on hard copies of

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