Technology In Schools

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Click-click! The sound of fingers skimming the keys on a computer is a typical noise in most offices, schools, and homes. Still, not everyone is convinced of the benefits technology has to offer. More specifically, many schools are struggling with the decision on whether or not to pursue tech-friendly classrooms. The big question in this predicament is if technology is advantageous. In order to ensure that the cost of technology put into schools is worthwhile, investors need to contemplate, the effect on student interaction, potential for student engagement, and the user friendliness of the technology being considered. Investors need to consider the effects of the potential technology learning/performance when trying to decide if the purchase …show more content…
Students are already interested in technology. Technology has become a huge industry that is impacting current and future generations (Delaney). When asking a kid if they would rather complete a worksheet by reading a textbook or by interactively finding answers on a tablet, which do you think the kid would prefer? Just the idea of getting to use a device in school is exciting for the majority of students. In lack of better terms, using new technology is “cool”. Kids jump at the chance to own the newest technological devices on the market. The technology industry is always evolving and expanding. In fact, many students today do not even know what life was like before the internet (Milman). Because of the widespread availability and usage of technology, there is no choice but to embrace it. The truth is, for some kids, the internet is the only place they are acquiring knowledge from. This is mostly the result of technology being extremely convenient. There is an abundance of easily accessible information on anything within the click of a few buttons (Davis). When information is easily accessible, it is more attractive. Having to do less work in any regard is appealing. That being said, completing work electronically is often favorable among students (Ash). Going off of personal experience, most school assignments I am able to complete on my cell phone. Reading a history book online instead of lugging an actual history textbook home, is more enticing because of the fact that it is less work. Moreover, social media plays a huge role in the way people interact and engage with each other. Technology and social media have brought our world closer and more informed than ever (Davis). It is very easy to stay up-to-date on current events and global issues. When on social media, people become educated in many aspects. Social media is a way for people all over

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