Technology Is Negatively Changing The Way People Communicate Essay

1401 Words Nov 11th, 2015 null Page
Technology is forever changing; everyday there are new advances that affect society. Technology can be helpful, but research shows that technology is negatively changing the way people communicate. Although some would argue that modern technology is a great form of communication, it has negatively changed the way people communicate in social situations, romantic relationships, and in the class room.
To begin, recent technology has made people more socially awkward. This is especially prominent in teens because cell phones and social media are such a significant part of their lives. When teenagers hang out with friends, they often find themselves engaging in some kind of electronic activities. According to an article by Amanda Lenhart, “58% of teens say they spend time with their closest friend on a regular basis at someone’s house. More than half (55%) of teens say they spend time with their closest friend online, doing things like interacting on social media or playing video games.” As kids get older, they spend most of their time with their friends on their phones checking social media. This is inhibiting them from forming social skills they will need throughout their life because they have been taught that being on your phone is a convenient way to avoid verbal communication. Not only have cell phones taken over people, but specifically social media sites. Social media has become a major way to communicate among teens and even adults. Sadly, this has almost…

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