Essay about Technology Is A Good Or Bad Thing For The Environment

1325 Words Oct 11th, 2015 6 Pages
In this day and age where technology is used almost 24/7, many parents, teachers and students wonder if increasing computer usage a good or bad thing for our generation of children to do in the classroom? I know people will say computer usage is more convenient and most kids like to use them.
The New York Times has stated many facts about the positives of increasing computer usage. The article states that writing in the 8th grade has improved significantly when the class was using computers more in their daily lesson plans to write. This is probably because spell check can show students simple spelling and grammar mistakes they made. Also using computers is better for the environment because we won’t waste as much paper. An elementary school teacher said that the computer gives you instant results which makes young kids excited to see if they got their answer correct. Technology also provides educational games for younger preschool age children. Some electronic devices have apps that allow children to work at their own pace or work ahead, which also allows students to review forgotten topics. Computers also allow teachers to show videos to their students that help them better understand the concepts of the lessons they learn. Letting a teacher know if you understand the concepts of the lesson that day can be easily communicated by email, instead of try to ask the teacher during class. This helps shy people express what their understanding is of the skills taught without…

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