Technology Addiction : A Habitual And Compulsive Way Of Indulgence

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In today’s world, if one goes to a big city all one will see is people glued to their phone and computer screens. While walking, driving, riding in a vehicle, eating, or just sitting down people are always on their electronic devices. “Another way of defining technology addiction is – a habitual and compulsive way of indulgence with technology deviating from meeting the life’s different issues.” (Agarwal and Kar Page 170) Only a small part of these phone users are using the basic talk or text features of the phone, the majority of them are consumed in the applications and websites of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to name a few. Because of these social media outlets, moments are no longer personal or just for the memories, they are just to post as an attempt to impress others. People are losing themselves to become the people one thinks others want to see them be, instead of themselves.
The human race is addicted to their social media, and I is taking over their lives. “Internet is involved in many of the people’s routine activities, by facilitating information access and promoting communication; thus, it has been crucial in changes in social development. The largest proportion of Internet users is young people; for example, in Spain, around 98% of adolescences aged between 11 to 20 years reported using Internet.” (Wolniczak Page 1) This is detrimental because personal relationships and even the people themselves are being lost in this online world. People get…

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