Tech Mahindra Case Study

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Tech Mahindra focuses on increasing the worth of their products and services provided to the customers, in order to retain their position in the market and gain a competitive advantage. Tech Mahindra has been committed to creating value for its customers, shareholders, investors, employees and the society, since its inception.
Tech Mahindra measures value using the following framework
IT caters to different needs of the different organizations. The needs are broadly divided into two categories:
Explicit Needs – the needs that are clearly stated and defined and demanded by the customer
Implicit Needs – the unstated but expected by the customer
Amenities are the
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By 2010, AT&T was contributing as much as 15% of the revenue generated by Tech Mahindra. Thus, Tech Mahindra saw a potential Key Account in AT&T, thus allowing the firm to buy 8.07% of its stakes. The collaboration was done so that Tech Mahindra could use AT&T’s expertise in telecommunication to cater to long distance telephony services in India. However, the firm has recently exited alliances with TechM, and is seeking to buy out Mahindra’s stakes in the …show more content…
The MOU had the two firms’ collaborative go-to-market strategies in various fields like cloud services, virtual dealership, smart cities, sports, entertainment, etc. This alliance being a long term strategy for TechM to expand its visibility in the afore-mentioned fields, the company saw Cisco as the holder of a key account. Cisco had previously worked with TechM on various projects to drive sustainability in social, environmental and economic fronts – using Technology as their forte. This alliance has proved to be quite profitable for both the firms, thus both view each other as key account holders in their respective businesses. With this alliance, TechM is set to cater to unique requirements of customers in the Technology field. The earlier collaboration with Cisco has already strengthened internal linkages between the two firms. Thus, TechM sees this to be a perfect opportunity to partner with Cisco in developing new, long-term business proposals – a stronghold in key account management

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