Essay on Team Sports And Athletic Coaches

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According to a citizen is someone who is a member of a much larger group than himself or herself (n. d.). An example of belonging to such an organization is when one is part of a team. Since the beginning of organized sports, athletic coaches have preached to their teams the value of working together as one cohesive unit in order to achieve the desired goal: a victory. Players have endured countless hours of practice, learned their specific role on the team, studied offensive and defensive plays, and most importantly, were taught to trust the fact that the athlete next to him or her will fulfill their assignment on any given play. In football, when all eleven players work together in harmony towards a common goal, the likelihood of the team experiencing success on any given play, while not guaranteed, is vastly enhanced. It is because of this fact that coaches of team sports are oft to say “there is no I in team” (Anonymous, n. d.) as a means of emphasizing the importance of group unity and discouraging rogue actions.
The ability to think or act independently is the hallmark of autonomy (, n. d.). The best example of this occurs during those key moments in a game when a single player does make the difference in the outcome of the contest. Still using the football scenario, it could be a running back reversing course in order to get into the open field; a quarterback crazily scrambling in order to make a pass; a linebacker causing a fumble; or…

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