How Does Football Affect Society

In the Beginning, Sports was Social One of America’s biggest exports to the world is the sport that it creates. This high demand and intrigue for our sports only creates dreams for many American’s to become the next biggest/greatest athlete of all time. My dear friend, Travis Brannon, was one of these kids that grew up desiring to be a great athlete. Travis grew up playing all different kinds of sports such as soccer, track, wrestling, baseball, basketball, swimming, and lastly thanks to growing up in Texas…Football. Through Travis’ experiences in sports I have learned that sport is largely started for social reasons rather competitive, as well as the negative aspects such as bad coaching or burn out come through factors like too much responsibility and intensity at too soon of a developmental stage. Though these negative aspects seem to outweigh the positive in some situations, sport can be changed for the future to create better lives such as Travis’. Travis as stated earlier grew up loving and living in the sport world. He played many different sports. Some sports he would play for a short amount of time like soccer, basketball, and track. Other sports he would invest much of his time and …show more content…
Many of the sports that Travis played were team sports and these sports have taught Travis’ things like teamwork, caring about his teammates and he has learned to pull his weight as well as others for the benefit of the team. These are aspects learned from sports like football, which he can take into the future of his life once going into a work environment. One other somewhat obvious positive aspect Travis has learned through sport is his desire to stay fit, his interest in physical activity. This interest to stay healthy will benefit him for the rest of his

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