Teaching Style And Educational Philosophy Essays

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In constructing our leadership conference, we decided to cover the topic of The Encouraging Classroom. We created our leadership conference to help preschool teachers to gain more insight on how to create an encouraging classroom for their students. In addition to that, the teachers will be introduced to new strategies, programs, and technology that can assist them in maintaining an encouraging learning environment. We separated our main topic into three subtopics for the break-out sessions: Encouraging Friendliness, Digital Communication with Parents, and Class Meetings. Furthermore, the teachers will have an open forum featuring world-renowned educator and speaker, Angela Maiers.
As an icebreaker to open our leadership conference, we chose to play the game Would You Rather? For the medium size audience that was intended, this game would be an interactive pastime. In the game, we, the conference hosts, ask the audience different questions pertaining to their teaching style and educational philosophy, such as Would you rather create guidelines or rules, Would you rather give encouragement or praise, etc. If they choose choice A, they would move to the left side of the room. If they choose choice B, they would move to the right side of the room. The objective of the game is for the teachers to see the similarities and differences amongst the group.
After the icebreaker, the teachers will divide into three groups and disperse into the break-out sessions for thirty minutes…

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