Teaching Philosophy Is Based On The Belief That Students Need A Safe Learning Environment

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Teaching Philosophy Statement: My teaching philosophy is based on the belief that students need a safe learning environment in order for deeper understanding to take place. I believe, based on my prior experiences and research, that active learning allows students of all learning styles to gain a deep mathematical understanding of content. Active learning also offers opportunities for students to explore and utilize the eight Standards for Mathematical Practices that are listed in the Common Core State Standards. To accommodate for the various learning styles of students, I believe that a variety of assessment techniques should be utilized, along with encouraging and implementing a student-based learning atmosphere. These ideals are what drive my learning, teaching, and posture in the classroom. By creating a safe environment for students, I am allowing not only the outgoing students to share their ideas, thoughts, and solutions, but also the shy, quiet students as well. Having all students share out their thought process allows for rich conversations between students. They not only get to see how their peers work through a problem, but get to logically reason about the solutions of others. This gets students to feel confident in communicating precise mathematical language, constructing viable arguments, and connecting different processes with their own.
I am an introvert, which means if I do not feel safe in an environment, I shut off the world around me. In a…

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